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The Best Bioplastic Company of 2019  is


It wasn’t a hard decision to name the “Best Bioplastic Company of 2019” as we have never seen a company as productive as Bio-on during the last 12 months. They hit the news with so many innovations that they have set a new benchmark, a new record.

Bio-on was created in 2007 in the Italian Emilia-Romagna region. The company was founded on the vision of creating natural products, materials and solutions from 100% renewable resources and agricultural waste. Bio-on followed through on their vision and became the PHA leader.

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) is one of the most promising bioplastics and could be considered as a miracle solution. PHA can substitute many traditional plastics; it can replicate the technical characteristics of Low density polyethylene (LDPE), High density polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polystyrene (PS), Polyethylene (PE) and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PHA is also a ‘product platform’ with applications in many different sectors.

Bio-on has dedicated particular attention over the years to the development, demonstration, certification and market uptakes of PHA-based products. They have developed and patented specific technologies in the following sectors: Toys, Eyewear, Cosmetics, Tobacco, Bioremediation, Packaging, Organic Electronics, Fertilisers, Automotive and others.

Minerv-PHA is the brand name of Bio-on’s PHA. Minerv-PHA is a high-performance biopolymer suitable for injection and extrusion methods. What makes Minerv-PHA a superstar? It’s biobased, biodegradable in soil, marine biodegradable and it’s a second generation bioplastics using biomass waste and no food crops. Minerv-PHA can be produced with by-products and waste from sugar beet, sugar cane, glycerol from biodiesel, potatoes, animal fat, fruit, vegetables, wood, domestic wet waste and wine production.

The wastes and by-products come from different agro-industrial sectors and feed non-pathogenic and non-genetically modified bacteria. The recovery process used by Bio-on’s technology is organic solvents free in order to (1) reduce the production costs, (2) generate waste waters that can be re-used in the process and treated by standard biological depurators and (3) create a safe work environment for the operators and technicians in the bio-refinery plant.

Bio-on launched three different business Units: (1) Structural Material Development (SMD), (2) Cosmetics, Nano Medical and Smart Materials (CNS) and (3) Fashion Development Materials (FDM). They have also developed a worldwide licensing system including license contracts and industrial partnerships to satisfy the huge potential growth and demand for their PHA technology.

How did Bio-on outperform the rest of the industry? Just look at what they’ve achieved in the last 12 months.

  • They signed a deal with the largest Italian toy maker, Italeri, to produce the most sustainable toys. They even have a special program called Minerv Supertoys program (Read More).
  • Bio-on launched the Minerv Bio Cosmetics line to produce cosmetics ingredients and microbeads designed to replace oil-based plastic particles currently used as thickeners or stabilisers in products such as lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye-liner, nail polish, creams, shampoo, foam bath and toothpaste (Read More).
  • They launched the Minerv PHB Riviera that is made from 100% renewable plant sources and is 100 % biodegradable. This technology enables to increase the water resistance of sun care products and using less UV filters. Remember that more and more countries are banning the use of oil-based polymers in body care products (Read More).
  • Bio-on created “Fashion Development Materials” as a new business unit with the goal to identify processes, technologies and patents to produce fabrics, yarns, flexible surfaces, films, etc. made of bioplastic and designed to replace today’s materials. The particles are fully biodegradable and will contribute to the reduction of microplastics in the ocean. (Read More).
  • They developed their technology to be able to use Used Cooking Oils to produce PHA (Read More).
  • They won a Best Cosmetic Innovations Award by Frost and Sullivan (Read More).
  • They exported their technology to Russia. The move was considered highly strategical and was part of an  important agreement between Italy and Russia signed in Moscow in the presence of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (Read More).
  • Bio-on created a new company called Lux-on to develop a revolutionary technology to produce biopolymers from CO2 (carbon dioxide) (Read More).
  • Bio-On signed a strategic agreement with Acor to develop Bio-on technologies in Spain and Portugal (Read More).
  • Bio-on founded a new company called Eloxel to revolutionize the world of electronics through the use of bioplastics (Read More).
  • They created Zeropack to revolutionize the world of food packaging in the fruits and vegetable sector (Read More).
  • They developed a new cosmetic brand with Unilever called MyKai. MyKai is an eco-friendly sun cream line that uses ultra-green ingredients (Read More).
  • They signed an agreement with Innova Imagen to produce ultra-green PHA biopolymers in Mexico (Read More).
  • Bio-On and Kartell Launched furniture made from their revolutionary sustainable bio-material (Read More).
  • They developed a natural and biodegradable polymeric liquid to replace the triacetin used in cigarette filters that blocks up to 60% of harmful substances (Read More).

More than ever, we need science and innovation to help us go through the current plastic crisis and PHA will be part of the solution and become a blockbuster.

Bio-on is the hottest start-up in the bioplastics industry, a world champion in the making. They’re the most technologically advanced and innovative PHA company. We need more companies like Bio-on to enable the Bioplastics industry to thrive and conquer the world. Inevitably, Bio-on is set to become a billion dollar company.

Congratulations to the Bio-on team for this remarkable achievement as they can proudly say…

we’re the Best Bioplastics Company of 2019.


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