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Bio-On Confirms Italian Leadership in BioPlastics

Bio-On builds its first bioplastics plant to produce bioplastics for the cosmetics industry.

Bio-On built its first 20 MLN € PHA plant in Bologna (Italy) to produce bioplastics for the bio-cosmetics. The factory will produce various types of special biopolymers. The first product to come out will be the Minerv Bio Cosmetics biopolymers, a natural and biodegradable bioplastic designed to replace harmful microbeads in today’s cosmetics.

Minerv Bio Cosmetics bioplastic microbeads are designed to replace the oil-based plastic particles currently used as thickeners or stabilisers in products such as lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye-liner, nail polish, creams, shampoo, foam bath and toothpaste.

The problem with oil-based microbeads is twofold. First you’re rubbing and spreading fossil-oil based stuff on your body. Secondly, they’re harmful for the ecossystem and non-biodegradable: once they’re rinsed off after use, they become a permanent part of the natural cycle. Plankton absorb these plastic particles and introduce them in the food chain.

USA was the first country to bring in a law banning the use of oil-based polymers in body care products.

Bio-On is currently employing employing 45 people, but is expecting expects to double its workforce by the end of the year.

Bio-On Chairman and CEO Marco Astorri made the following statement:

“We are extremely proud, because this factory demonstrates all-Italian excellence and is the beginning of a new era in the global green chemical industry. From today, thanks to our bioplastic, many companies will have the chance to protect the environment and give ecological credentials to their products, in compliance with ever more stringent limits on the use of conventional plastics.”

Italy remains at the top of the bioplastics sector thanks to Bio-On’s innovation and Novamont. Bio-On is sitting on a goldmine. They will become a leader and revolutionise the cosmetics industry…. if Italians are doing it than it’s probably going to be fashionable in the future.

Well done Bio-On !!


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