Top Bioplastics Producers

Here are the largest bioplastics producers
  • Novamont (Italy) is one of the leaders and is known for its Mater-Bi starch based resins and the Matrica project


  • Arkema (France) produces PA11 and PA10.




  • Reverdia is a joint venture between DSM (Holland) & Roquette (France). They produce succinic acid


  • Solvay (Belgium) is famous for its brand Epicerol, a biobased glycerol epichlorhydrine for bio-epoxy.



  • NatureWorks is a joint venture between Cargill (USA) & PHH (Oil company in Thailand). They produce PLA.



  • Succinity GmbH is joint venture between BASF (Germany) & Corbion (NL) . They produce Succinic Acid. The factory is based in Spain.



  • Dupont (USA) & Tate and Lyle (UK) produces 1.4 PDO, PTT and PA10.


  • Genomatica (USA) produces 1.3 BDO, 1.4 BDO and bio-based Caprolactam.



  • Novozymes (Denmark) is the global leader for  enzyme production.



  • Lanzatech (USA) produces bio-based butadiene (bio-BDE).


  • Verdezyne (USA) produces bio-based Dodecanedioc acid (DDDA) in Malaysia.




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