Top Bioplastics Producers

top bioplastics producers

  • Arkema (France) PA11 and PA10
  • NatureWorks – JV Cargill (USA) & PHH (Thailand): PLA
  • Novamont (Italy): Mater-Bi starch based resin
  • Metabolix PHA
  • Reverdia – JV DSM (Holland) & Roquette (France): succinic acid
  • Solvay (Belgium) Epicerol ie biobased glycerol epichlorhydrine for bio-epoxy
  • Bioamber (Canada) : succinic acid;
  • Corbion/ Purac (NL) & BASF (Germany) JV : succinic acid
  • Dupont (USA) & Tate and Lyle (UK): PDO, PTT and PA10
  • Genomatica: BDO
  • Toray (Japan): PBT with 1.4 BDO from Genomatica
  • Novozymes (DK)
  • Versalis (Italy) + Novamont+ Genomatica JV: Bio-based Butadiene
  • Lanzatech (USA): bio-based butadiene

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