Top Bioplastics Producers

Here are the largest bioplastics producers
  • Novamont (Italy) is one of the leaders and is known for its Mater-Bi starch based resins and the Matrica project
  • Arkema (France) produces PA11 and PA10.
  • Reverdia is a joint venture between DSM (Holland) & Roquette (France). They produce succinic acid
  • Solvay (Belgium) is famous for its brand Epicerol, a biobased glycerol epichlorhydrine for bio-epoxy.
  • NatureWorks is a joint venture between Cargill (USA) & PHH (Oil company in Thailand). They produce PLA.
  • Succinity GmbH is joint venture between BASF (Germany) & Corbion (NL) . They produce Succinic Acid. The factory is based in Spain.
  • Dupont (USA) & Tate and Lyle (UK) produces 1.4 PDO, PTT and PA10.
  • Genomatica (USA) produces 1.3 BDO, 1.4 BDO and bio-based Caprolactam.
  • Novozymes (Denmark) is the global leader for  enzyme production.
  • Lanzatech (USA) produces bio-based butadiene (bio-BDE).
  • Verdezyne (USA) produces bio-based Dodecanedioc acid (DDDA) in Malaysia.


  1. are ther any bioplastic, biodegradable with no toxic residue, automobile tires and if so how do they compare

    1. Hi Roth,

      Sorry I won’t be able to help you further. But have you made progress on this? I’m looking for eco friendly packaging for our products and preferably made from Hemp Bio Plastics.
      If you know more by now, would you be able to share this info?

      Kind regards,

      1. Insight Bioscience Innovations in Wiscosnsin, USA is in early stage development of various hemp composites and has development contracts in place to begin early stage container and packaging advancements.

  2. I am interested in bio plastic materials factories in Turkey please keep me updated with the latest information

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