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Bio-On and Unilever Revolutionise Sun Cream Industry with MyKai

PRESS RELEASE - MyKAI arrives on the market. Thanks to innovative biopolymers, the new sun cream protects both the skin and the environment with maximum yield.

Bologna – Rome, 8th April 2019. MyKAI, the cosmetic product line born from the alliance between Bio-on and Unilever is ready to land on the market.

The distribution by UNILEVER of the first products of the line, namely the MyKAI solar products, is starting in these days, they represent the first products in the world to bring the extraordinary environmental value, as well as protection, of the innovative Bio-on technology into the hands of consumers.

bio-on unilever mykai biodegradable sun cream
MyKai Biodegradable Sun Cream

In fact, if UV-B rays, which are the main cause of sun rashes and sunburn, and UV-A rays can be responsible for serious long-term effects, with MyKAI the main objective of Bio-on and Unilever is to use the ultra-green ingredients (micropowders 100% biodegradable in nature) designed to significantly reduce the number of sunscreens used in sun creams, to increase their water resistance performance, reducing the environmental impact of the product.

The biodegradable micro-powders designed by Bio-on for MyKAI replace, for the first-time in a cosmetic article, traditional products (microbeads) that can pollute the seas and oceans.

The MyKAI solar milks, with protection filters SPF 15, 30 and 50, will be distributed by Unilever starting this week in the selective channel of perfumeries and beauty salons with high target as well as being able to be purchased in the physical and online channel through Amazon in the next weeks for € 29.90. All updates on:

«MyKAI is a concrete example of how Unilever interprets sustainability and proposes innovative solutions for the consumers, purchasing the goals set with its Unilever Sustainable Living Plan business model. With My KAI, Unilever responds simultaneously to two golas of the USLP: helping more than one billion people to improve their health and well-being conditions by 2020 and halving the environmental impact of its products by 2030 – explains Fulvio Guarneri, President & CEO of Unilever Italia – We are proud to launch this new product together with an excellent Italian company such as Bio-on, which shares with us the value of innovation at the service of personal and planetary health».

«MyKAI is an important step in our full green cosmetic revolution – says Marco Astorri, President and CEO of Bio-on – to make the sun creams market really sustainable, in total respect of oceans and lands. With Unilever and the continuous development of new solutions for the cosmetics’ world, we define a new production standard with our bioplastic. We made the first industrial production of micro-powders for the cosmetic sector, full green and 100% sustainable, and now people can buy an innovative product contributing to the environment well-being without compromises on the quality».

The new MyKAI brand is born thinking at the protection of seas and oceans, it plays with the Hawaiian terms Kai (Sea) and Makai (Towards the Ocean).

It is in fact inspired by the principles of Hawaii, one of the countries at the forefront in the protection of marine ecosystems and where Bio-on sinks an important part of its historical roots.

About Bio-on S.p.A.

Bio-on S.p.A. is an Italian Intellectual Property Company (IPC) operating on an international scale. Listed on the AIM segment of Borsa Italiana since 2014, Bio-on licenses and manufacturers the world’s most innovative bioplastics, conducting applied research and developing advanced biofermentation technologies, and cutting-edge natural and sustainable chemicals for the future.

Bio-on’s biopolymers, PHAs or polyhydroxyalkanoates, are made from renewable plant sources with no competition with food supply chains, including molasses and sugar beet and sugar cane syrups, fruit and potato waste, carbohydrates, glycerol, waste frying oil and even carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Bio-on bioplastics, called Minerv PHAs, have the same thermo-mechanical properties as conventional oil-based plastics with the advantage of being completely eco-sustainable: 100% natural and 100% biodegradable, as certified by Vincotte and by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

The great versatility of PHAs means Bio-on can produce Minerv PHAs bioplastic in microscopic dimensions to replace the invisible microbeads used in cosmetics products, in professional SLS 3D printers, fragrances, animal feed and many other applications.

To promptly meet the exponentially rising and increasingly diversified demand, Bio-on, which is already working alongside big multinationals to develop alternatives to conventional plastics, operates through six Business Units: Bio-on Plants, RAF, Recovery And Fermentation, CNS (Cosmetic, Nanomedicine & Smart Materials), SMD (Structural Materials Developments), fdm (Fashion Development Material) and ENG (Engineering).



Who is Bio-on?

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