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Chilean Startup Creates Biodegradable Bag That Dissolves In Water

Recently, Chile has proudly become the first Latin country to issue a complete ban on the usage of the plastic bags, as a fight against the threatening plastic pollution.

The Chilean startup, called SoluBag, has created a shopping bag that looks and behaves like a traditional bag, however, there is one essential difference – it dissolves in warm water for about 3 minutes, without leaving any toxic residue behind.

As a reference, the usual plastic bags take over 160 years to debase.

The disturbing statistics about plastic pollution globally is what pushed the creators of this revolutionary product, Cristian Olivares and Roberto Astete, to empower consumers by giving them the choice when to destroy the plastic bags whenever they want to.

Further, they have designed a formula that changed the formation of plastic from indestructible to soluble, by using a derivative of limestone instead of oil byproducts.

Moreover, this formula allows to “make any plastic material” so they are currently manufacturing everyday things such as cutlery, plates or plastic boxes.

The whole team behind I Love Chile wishes SoluBag the best of luck in their fight against the plastic pollution!


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