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The Winner is


There were no questions about this; BASF was just the best company of 2021.

They were superior and outplayed everybody else; it seemed like they were playing in another league.

They were the Maradona of the chemical and plastics industry on every possible field and game.

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BASF faces the same challenges as the other chemical and plastics companies such as digitalisation, corporate restructuring, sustainability requirements, setting future proof strategies and visions …. but it looked as if BASF was the only company that was moving forward and winning while dealing with this existential issues.

More than ever, we are facing uncertainties and challenges in the plastic, chemical and packaging industry and BASF is one of the few companies who’s not afraid to take risks and move forward.

Some companies are watching, following, copying …. BASF is leading.

They were the masters of strategy.

It doesn’t happen everyday that a European company is better than its American competitors, but there’s no doubt in this case.

BASF is the indisputable world champion.

It seems like the deutschen Gründlichkeit is back in Germany and can be found in Ludwigshafen.

Join me in congratulating BASF for showing the world how it should be done.

PS – Look at the following articles published by BASF in the last 12 months; and it’s just a selection:


Person of the Years

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