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Tom van Aken, Person of the Year 2020

Tom van Aken is the Bioplastic Champion of 2020.

Tom van Aken is the CEO of Avantium. He made Avantium as it is today. Tom is Avantium and Avantium is Tom.

Tom is one of the few senior bioplastics executives to be blessed with technical skills and business acumen.

Tom is a pioneer. He’s the first CEO of a bioplastic company to master the rules of public relations; he’s a natural talent.

Tom is the first “modern” CEO of the chemical industry. He drafted the blueprint; all the other “cool” CEOs are walking in the footsteps of Tom.

Tom has proven to be a real gentleman. He doesn’t get involved into “politics”, blaming others for God knows what.

Tom agreed to have a phone call with me. He’s the only CEO from a major bioplastic company to give me this opportunity. It’s a proof he’s running a tight ship.

Tom is a visionary, leader and winner! More than anything else: Tom is not hiding in his ivory tower; Tom is pulling up his sleeves and walking the talk.

Join me in congratulating the one and only … Tom van Aken …. who showed us who the champion was during the corona crisis.

Tom van Aken is the man of the year 2020.



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