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Best Bioplastic Company of 2020 (FREE)

Who was the best bioplastics company of 2020?

The winner is

Good Natured

good natured bioplastics canada

Best Bioplastic Company of 2020

Good Natured is the leading bioplastic company in Canada. More than just being the leading Canadian bioplastic company; Good Natured gives a seat at the table of the leading bioplastic nations to Canada.

Why was Good Natured the strongest company in 2020?

The most important reason is very easy: Good Natured is a successful bioplastic company who is making bioplastics mainstream in Canada.

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What is their recipe for success? Good Natured went beyond the bio-based and compostable selling arguments. They understood the recipe for success:

  • performant products;
  • a customer-centric attitude.

Good Natured sells more than 385 products and services including home and business products, food packaging, restaurant/take-out containers, medical and industrial supplies.

In 2020, Good Natured acquired companies, launched new products and was able to come out stronger out of the covid 19 crisis.

Join me in recognising the hard work of Good Natured and congratulating them for their great achievement and performance.

Good Natured is the Best Bioplastic Company of 2020

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