Bio-on was founded in 2007 with the intention of operating in the sector of modern biotechnologies applied to widely used materials with a view to creating completely natural products and solutions, obtained 100% from renewable sources or agricultural waste.

From 2017 Bio-on will operate out of its Bologna production site designing and producing special PHAs products for applications in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector.

Bio-On Products & Technologies

Minerv-Pha is a high-performance PHA biopolymer. MINERV-PHA is endowed with optimal thermal properties. Production needs which range from -10°C to a +180°C can be met through characterization. This product is particularly suitable for injection and extrusion methods for the production of objects. It takes the place of highly pollutant materials such as PET, PP, PE, HDPE and LDPE.

Bio-On issues licences enabling the production of MINERV-PHA™. Minerv PHA is used for: automotive, beverages, electronics, foodpack, fibers, pharma.

Bio-On revolutionary Zeropack will disrupt  the world of food packaging in the fruits and vegetable sector through the use of bioplastics. Read more

Bio-On and Unilever launch a revolutionary biodegradable sun cream.

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