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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are interested to set up a manufacturing unit for Biodegradable films which can be used for making bags for packaging of daily consumable items, such as vegetables ,fruits,groceries etc.
    Please inform us if you have technology know-how for license to us. If yes please send us the details of technology and terms for licensing.

    Thanking you


  2. Hello Sir
    Sir I am independent Entrepreneur
    And I am intrested in this subject
    Although I am not from this bioplast industry
    I worked with Apple
    Now I want to start small business something of my own
    In India plastic is a mojor problem
    This technology will help a lot to reduce this plastic bag consumption
    I had tried contacting Sandra who invented this but could not find her email address
    If you can guide and help me
    I would be greatfull to you
    Would appreciate
    Thanking you

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