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Italians switch Toys Production to Bioplastics with the Minerv Supertoys Program

Bio-on and Italeri will bring bioplastics toys to the market through their Minerv Supertoys Program. Italians toy manufacturer Italeri follow the move from Danish toy makers Lego and Dantoy who are switching to bioplastics.

Bio-On and Italeri (leading Italian toy manufacturer) will increase their collaboration with the Minerv Supertoys Program. Toys will be made from PHA bioplastics. The goal is to enact an investment plan that will develop and demonstrate PHAs bioplastic toys made exclusively from renewable organic resources not intended for human food and 100% biodegradable in water and soil.

The PHAs bioplastics Toys will be made from renewable plant sources with no competition with food supply chains. They will have the same thermo-mechanical properties as conventional plastics with the advantage of being 100% eco-sustainable and naturally biodegradable.

27 million dollars is invested in the new bioplastic production process.

Marco Astorri, Bio-on Chairman and CEO

Bio-On recently celebrated ten years in business, and it wants to use this major partnership to help change the toys industry with innovative and truly sustainable biomaterials. Our bioplastic is not just 100% biodegradable; it also uses up production waste generated by nature. This is how our strategy differs from that used by some multinationals. Having sustainable raw materials is not enough. Many of these companies use sugar cane instead of oil but then use polluting chemicals in the production process to make a non-biodegradable polyester. This approach contrasts with our strategy that not only starts out with natural and sustainable ingredients but also guarantees an end product that is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable in nature.”

Dr Gian Pietro Parmeggiani, Italeri Chairman and co-founder

“We are proud, that we can continue the technical and scientific journey begun with Bio-on to develop and make toys with PHA bioplastic through the Minerv Supertoys Program. Italeri Spa will face this new challenge bolstered by its almost sixty years’ experience on the market and implementing all its skills to ensure that we arrive at a result that can benefit those who will inherit our planet, i.e. children.”

Closing Remarks

This is a strategic and indispensable move for Italeri following trendsetter Lego. The main question is what are American Toymakers doing? They’ve been very quiet recently. American toy makers should have been the leaders in terms of switching to bioplastics … where are the Americans when we need them?

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