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Vladimir Putin, Person of the Year 2022 (FREE)

The person of the year 2022 is undisputedly Vladimir Putin. This is a FREE article.


Nobody from the bioplastics industry really “stood out” or did something “remarkable” in 2022, so I had to look for someone beyond the bioplastics industry.

The most important “factors” impacting the bioplastics industry (and the rest of the world) in 2022 were (1) the end of the corona measures and (2) the high inflation resulting from the Russian-Ukraine war … both were related to Russian president Vladimir Putin. I think Putin had the most influence on the bioplastics industry and the rest of the world in 2022.

The corona crisis was the most divisive issue that I know of: everybody had an opinion on the matter. It was an antagonistic issue in the sense that people, communities and families were divided on the topic: whether it was pro- or contra “lockdown measures”, pro or contra “forced vaccination”, pro or contra “corona pass”, and of course a deep disagreement as to how the virus came alive and how it disrupted the global economy like nothing else before.

Disputes, conflicts and break ups resulted from this antagonistic topic. To be honest with you, I didn’t find those corona measures “funny” at all. It was a wake up call for me to realise how fragile our democracy and our universal human rights are…. that they could just be wiped off the table by some kind of “virus”.

Today’s award is politically loaded, cos we’re leaving in “extra-ordinary” times …. so it’s an extra-ordinary award.

Person of the Year 2022

The person of the year 2022 is undisputedly …. Vladimir Putin


For single-handedly ending the global “corona” coup d’état that took place in the civilised world.

I’m just going to say one phrase about the corona virus: I believe it was “man-made” and “intentionally” released. Let me refer to the US Senate Report (An Analysis of the Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic Report); I quote:

“The EcoHealth Alliance NIH grants and DARPA grant proposals, in partnership with the WIV, sought to collect and conduct genetic recombination experiments on SARS-related coronaviruses with specific traits that made those viruses a “high-risk” for zoonotic spillover into animals and humans. SARS-CoV-2 shares many of the traits these researchers were interested in finding in SARS-related coronaviruses or interested in engineering such traits if they were not found naturally.

Ironically and sarcastically, one could say that Vladimir could have received the “Nobel Price for Medicine” for ending the corona crisis and killing the corona virus overnight and the “Nobel Price for politics” for ending the global “corona” coup d’état.

His Ukrainian war worked as the perfect diversion …. media distraction …. to relieve us from the corona measures such as home incarceration, forced vaccination and corona passes.

Vladimir couldn’t have stopped the corona crisis with a “garden party” or a “cocktail reception”. He had to kick over the ants nest. This came at a very high cost … Ukrainian and Russian blood. Many people died: fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. A generation of Ukrainians and Russians will be traumatised because of it.

I can’t remember who said … violence is the last refuge of cowardice. And politicians relying on violence are no exception to this.

Vladimir should also be remembered for something else: when the Soviet Union collapsed, he took over power from “drunk” president Yeltsin and avoided the Soviet nuclear arsenal turning into a house of cards …. he avoided the soviet nuclear arsenal ending up on the “flee” market which would have destabilised world peace.

Putin is the second post-soviet Russian president after Yeltsin. Yeltsin got rid of the communist party but didn’t get rid of the KGB (now FSB). To some extend, Putin succeeded in the later in the sense that he’s the boss of the KGB / FSB now, and not the other way around.

It’s not all “sunshine and roses”. Putin has a lot of skeletons in his closet. His skeletons are big, because they fit the size of the closet. Putin has been in power for loo long and power corrupts the mind …. it makes you megalomaniac.

To put this into context, one should understand the true nature of politicians.

Many politicians are liars, hypocrites and profiteers. Let me re-phrase this, you can’t make it into politics (at a high level) without being dishonest and a cheater.

Does power attracts dishonest people, or does power makes people dishonest? Probably a little bit of both.

You can’t win at the “political” poker table if you’re the only honest player surrounded by cheaters and liars; and you’re only attracted to the poker table if you want to make a quick buck on the back of the common people.

Putin’s final test, to know on what side of the history he’s going to end up will be his”political” and “socio-economic” legacy. In what state will he leave the Russian democracy behind him ? Will he leave Russia in a better state than when he found it? Who’s going to be his successor and what will his successor do for the common Russian citizens. Will Russia make a step towards “democracy” or towards “authoritarianism”?

Democracy is a vague word, an imperfect word. Looking at the oldest democracy in the world, the United States, we see its “weaknesses and cracks”. The US political system has been corrupted by money and greed. It’s the money flooding into the political system that creates the dynamic, not the will of the people unfortunately.

To improve democracy, we need well-intentioned, caring, benevolent and honest politician serving the common people and interests and not just serving some selective interests. And that my friends, is not for tomorrow …. because those people are not interested in playing “political” poker and the “political” poker table does not welcome those people.

Let’s hope that Putin will end his political career as a “true” gentleman …. caring for the wellbeing of humanity … and not as a common political villain.


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