About Us

Axel Barrett – Founder

Axel has more than 10 years experience in communications and marketing and truly passionate about the web. We decided to launch this blog to increase awareness on bio-sourced plastics.



Bruno Lepitre – Founder

Bioplastics - Bruno Lepitre
Bioplastics – Bruno Lepitre

Bruno has 28 years experience in the sector and has a true passion for it.  Today Bruno is CEO of  SUSTINEO 2D and provides top level service in the following fields:

  • General and new venture management
  • Interim CEO / MD
  • lobbying and financing industrial projects
  • collaborative partnerships,
  • emerging sectors (plant based chemistry, biopolymers, sustainable packaging, …)

Bruno has a broad functional expertise from division controller to business development manager, industrial site manager, general sales and marketing manager, followed by 10 years in Executive Director’s positions with full P&L responsibility in EMEA and 3 years as Vice President Global Product Portfolio.

Bruno spent 12 years as an expat in three different countries, speaks 5 languages and has experience in developing business activities in Russia, Brazil, South Africa and China.

Bruno occupied following positions during his career.

 AVARAP – Group Leader

Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air Logo

  • Vice President Global Product Portfolio
  • Site manager and head of the Management
  • Executive Director EMEA
  • General Manager Laminates


Bioplastics News Grace
Bioplastics News Grace
  • General manager sales & marketing Spain and Portugal
  • European Product Manager Skin and coextruded webs
  • Business development project manager
  • Finance analyst and Controller Chemicals Divisions


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