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Axel Barrett

My name is Axel Barrett and I started BioplasticsNews.com in 2013.

I used to work in Public and Government Affairs dealing with topics such as packaging, waste management and corporate communications. Eventually, I took the decision to move into the “web”.

I thought the best way to learn about the “web” was to build my own website.

I had to find a topic and “Bioplastics” seemed to be “cool” and felt “sustainable”.

Over the years, I realised that it’s not black or white, it’s a bit grey-ish. So I decided to add chemical recycling and circular plastics to the mix.

My purpose is to build the most efficient and complete information platform on bioplastics, chemical recycling and circular plastics.

I have the mission to inform the readers, tell the truth and keep the church in the middle of the village.

The website audience has been growing over the years reaching more than a million unique visitors.

Here’s a picture of me trying to look cool.

Axel Barrett
Axel Barrett

Bruno Lepitre

Editor 2013 – 2017

Bruno has a broad functional expertise from division controller to business development manager, industrial site manager, general sales and marketing manager, followed by 10 years in Executive Director’s positions with full P&L responsibility in EMEA and 3 years as Vice President Global Product Portfolio.

Bruno spent 12 years as an expat in three different countries, speaks 5 languages and has experience in developing business activities in Russia, Brazil, South Africa and China.


  1. hello,

    it seems you don’t know FUTERRO as PLA producer.
    We are a Belgian company and are building the largest PLA plant in China starting right now

  2. Hello,

    Congratulation by the article “First Biodegradable Crisps Packaging Made From Eucalyptus” wrote by Mr. Axel Barrett.

    I wondering if you can share me information about the research group that developed the biodegradable material from Eucalyptus.

    I am a scientific researcher and I want to contact the research groups that developed this innovation with Eucalyptus.

    Best regards

    Leonidas Carrasco-Letelier

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