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Here are the Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions of Bioplastics News

You implicitly agree with the Terms of Service, cookie policy and privacy policy by surfing on and using BioplasticsNews.com (“This website”).

I, Axel Barrett, can change any element of these terms of services and cookie policy at my own convenience and without any prior (written) warning or notifications.

Bioplastics News

Bioplastics News ( https://bioplasticsnews.com/) (also referred to as “BioplasticsNews.com” or the “website”) is a news site or blog run and managed by Axel Barrett.


  • What do I mean with content?

Press releases, posts, pages, articles, text, images, videos, hyperlinks, documents, PDFs, html codes, CSS, programming languages, rich media, tables, illustrations, info graphics, podcasts, etc. (This list is not exhaustive).

  • Accuracy

I’m not responsible for the accuracy of the content published and made available on Bioplasticsnews.com and for your interpretation of this content. Articles, posts and content are based on facts and opinions (including my own). I cannot be held responsible for the content, information, data and media published on and/or made available through BioplasticsNews.com. You shouldn’t take any kind of decisions or actions based on the content published on this website. You shouldn’t believe everything you read. Humans are subjects and not objects and can thus, by their nature, only be subjective. Greek philosopher Socrates said that ‘the truth doesn’t exist’.

  • Types of Content

There are two types of content on this website: “free” and “paid” content”

Free content is available to anyone for free. It includes most of the content published before and a small part of the content published after 30 July 2020. Read Free content

Paid content is only accessible to website visitors who bought a paid subscription. Most of the content published after 30 July 2020 is ‘paid’ content. Read Paid Content

I am free to decide at my own convenience and discretion, and without any prior (written) warning or notifications to change what falls under “free” and “paid” content.

  • Columns and Columnists

I may be tempted to ask experts and professionals to publish content on my website on a regular basis. I do not necessarily share their opinions and points of view. I believe it is by exchanging point of views and ideas that we can move forward constructively. I do not think people should be discriminated because of their opinions and ideas. I do not believe that we should stigmatise or boycott people. We should respect human rights.


Hyperlinks or (web) links are an inherent part of the internet. I may link to other websites or domains but have no influence on the content published or made available on other websites and domains. I hereby distance myself explicitly and completely from all contents on all linked web pages on all imaginable servers and clouds … in the whole universe.

Right of Opinion & Freedom of Speech

We have a “right of opinion” and “freedom of speech”. These liberties are engraved in most western democracies and constitutions. People lost their lives in the course of history to ensure we have these rights and freedoms today. It’s our right to use or not to use them. We may change our opinion overnight or during the course of the day. This is inherently part of our right of opinion. I may publish content and opinions which I do not agree with. The purpose is to share information, knowledge and point-of-views with the readers. Some of the content published on this website may be based on facts, data and opinions including but not limited to my own.

Personal Remarks

I may be tempted to add my “Personal” remarks or comments in an article. These comments and remarks are based on my own subjective opinion. You should take them with a pinch of salt. They’re not always ment seriously. Personal remarks or comments may be influenced by my mood, knowledge and opinion at the moment the article is published or edited. Personal remarks are not written by anyone else than by myself, Axel Barrett.

Paid Content and Advertising

It takes time, energy and resources to manage a website like bioplasticsnews.com. Therefore, I provide the opportunity to companies, organisations and individuals to publish content on this website in return of payment. Companies, organisations and individuals may increase their visibility on this website by purchasing media space or by publishing content . This will usually take the form of banners, text, articles and/or messaging. There are several types of bannering such as “side” and “native” banners. There are several types of messaging such as “side” and “native” messaging. Banners and messages may redirect to an article, post, external website or nothing. Side banners are usually on the right or left side of the website. Native bannering or messaging refers to the injection of content (text or images) inside articles. Native messaging is usually published in red color. (Native Examples).

Newsletter and Distribution List

Website visitors may subscribe to the distribution list to receive immediate, daily or weekly notification emails when an article is published. Those notification emails are referred to as the “Newsletter”. This is a free service at this point-in-time. Notification emails contain a title, a short description, a link to the article, tags and categories. Advertising in the form of messaging may be included in the description of these notification emails.

More info: Newsletter

Subscription and Payment Plans

BioplasticsNews.com provided free content until 30 July 2020. On 30 July 2020, Bioplasticsnews.com switched to a paid subscription model. You can find a list of FAQ and other useful info regarding the “paid subscription” on the following link:

Subscription FAQ

Buy a Subscription HERE

BioplasticsNews.com offers one payment plan: an annual subscription (365 days). This subscription gives access to the “paid” content for a period of 365 days.

I’m free to add any other payment plans at my own discretion and convenience and without any prior (written) warning or notification. Buying a “paid” subscription gives you the right to access “paid” content on this website. Buying a paid subscription doesn’t give you any other rights on this website or on the content published on this website.

WordPress Account

  • What is WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a CMS (content management system). It’s a software to build and manage websites.

  • How do I access my WordPress Account?

Use the following link: WordPress Login Page

  • Why Do I Need a WordPress.com Account?

You need a WordPress account to buy a paid subscription and to access paid content. The WordPress account will make your life easier.

There can only be one WordPress account associated per email.

  • I don’t have a WordPress.com Account

No problem. We will create one for free.

You will be asked to provide an email during the checkout process. This email will be used to create a free WordPress account. It’s important to provide the email of the person who will use the website. The person who uses the website is not necessarily the person who execute the credit card transaction.

You’ll receive an email with more info and login instructions for your new WordPress account when you complete the purchase.

  • I already have a WordPress. com Account associated with my email

If there’s already an existing WordPress.com account associated with your email, the subscription will be allocated to that existing account.


It’s one paid subscription per user. The paid subscription or wordpress.com account should not be shared with other users. Please contact me if you need to purchase several subscription for the same organisation. Conditions could apply for the purchase of several subscriptions.


You can find the price of the paid subscription on the following link: Subscribe Now!

I’m free to change the price of paid subscription at my own convenience and discretion and without any prior (written) notification or warning.

Both the amount you are paying and the renewal period are displayed prominently during the subscription process, so you know what you’re spending and how frequently you’ll be charged.

Payments and Renewals

You’re automatically charged at regularly recurring intervals ( once a year) when you purchase a subscription with a credit card. This is called an automatic renewal. You will be charged the same price as the initial payment at the renewal payment.

  • Changing the payment method

If you want to change your payment method …. you want to pay with another credit card for instance … the subscription will be charged at the “current” price (see here Subscribe Now!) and not at the initial price you paid.

Where Can I See and Manage My Payments?

You can see the Payment plans you signed up for by logging into your WordPress.com account. Then, go to Me → Manage Purchases → Other Sites. Here is a direct link.

These are the subscriptions you signed up for that are using WordPress.com “Payments”. Click on any of the purchases to see:

  • The site you bought it from
  • The length of the renewal period
  • Your next renewal date

You’ll also find a “Cancel” link with the purchase details.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • Refund Policy

Paid subscriptions will not be refunded. You are able to access paid content for a period of 365 days (in the case of an annual subscription) when you purchase a paid subscription.

  • Payment Renewal Cancellation

Paid subscriptions bought with a credit include an “automatic” renewal. Automatic renewal means that your credit card will be charged at the end of the subscription period (365 days). For instance: your credit card will be charged every 17th January if you purchased your paid subscription on 17th January. Your subscription automatically renews for the same amount at the end of each renewal period. If you want to cancel the payment “renewal”, go to Purchases in your WordPress account and click “Cancel” next to the Bioplastics News Subscription. Your subscription will be canceled immediately, and you won’t be charged again.

IMPORTANT – Do not cancel your subscription; you must only cancel the “automatic renewal” of your subscription. If you have any doubts, please contact me directly on the following page Reach Out

Online payments

I will use the services of Worpress.com and Stripe to provide smooth and secure subscription and online payments. I cannot be held responsible for technical or any other kind of problems related to these external service providers.

Service providers

To run a website like BioplasticsNews.com, you need to use different kind of softwares such a, but not limited to, a CMS (content management system), analytics software, ad servers, connectors, plugins, etc. I cannot be held responsible for any technical problems or any other kind of problems relating to these service providers.

Additional Links

  • Our Privacy Policy explains our principles when it comes to the collection, processing, and storage of your information and data.
  • Our Terms of Service (this page) are the legal agreements between a service provider and a person who wants to use that service
  • Our Cookie Policy explains how we, our partners, and users of our services deploy cookies, as well as the options you have to control them.
  • To manage a website, you need to use software. Here’s the cookie policy for the software that I use. Cookie Policy from Automattic (Worpress.com is own by a company called Automattic)

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