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Catia Bastioli, Person of the Year 2017

It was a no-brainer to select the person of the Year 2017. The choice is logic as she has been the most fervent and brilliant ambassador and has been unanimously acclaimed as the indisputable leader of the bioplastic industry.

Catia Bastioli started her career working on materials science, environmental sustainability and renewable raw materials at Montedison’s Corporate Research Centre (Guido Donegani Institute) until 1988.

Montedison was an Italian industrial and financial Group founded in 1966 and dismantled in 2002.

Montedison had been created through a merger of Montecatini and Edison SpA.

From there the origin of the name Nova…Mont.

Catia Bastioli was one of the founders of Fertec research centre specialised in renewable raw materials.

One of Fertec’s earliest achievement was the creation of a biodegradable watch for Walt Disney.

Novamont was created in 1990 to commercialise Fertec’s products and Fertec was incorporated in Novamont in 1991.

Catia Bastioli worked as technical director, general manager and managing director at Novamont and has been the force behind the transformation and rise of the company.

The rest is history or to be more exact she wrote history.

Under her leadership, Novamont became the world leader and pioneer of bioplastic.

More recent achievements, include the Matrica biorefinery (joint venture with Versalis) and Mater-Biotech (joint venture with Genomatica).

Her legacy to the bioplastic industry is enormous.

The sector wouldn’t have been te same without her.

She’s the Iron Lady and the Wonder Woman of the Bioplastic Industry.

We hereby congratulate Ms. Bastioli for the title “Person of the Year 2017” realising that the title “Champion of the year” would be more appropriate.

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