Carbiolice is an industrial start-up that designs, produces and markets patented solutions for the biodegradation of biobased products for single-use plastics and packaging articles. The objective: to achieve zero waste and to provide an answer to the sustainable development challenges.


2006 – Set up of an industrial line of biodegradable compounds by Limagrain Ingredients

2012 – Carbios, the inventor and owner of the enzymatic biodegradation of plastics launched Thanaplast, a collaborative research project with different academic and industrial partners such as Limagrain Ingedients. The success of this project gave birth to Carbiolice a few years later.

2016 – Creation of Carbiolice, a startup for plastic biodegradation

2019Signature of a structuring development and supply agreement with Novozymes, world leader in enzymes production, supporting the launch of Evanesto

2020Partnership with Barbier to produce PLA agricultural mulch films.

Products and Brands

Evanesto®: the additive that makes plant-based plastic compostable even from your home!

This innovation provided by Carbiolice is designed for plastic applications, flexible and rigid packaging, which by their nature cannot be recycled.

Indeed, too thin, too complex to recycle or soiled by food, 52% of the plastics produced end up in incineration, landfill or in nature.

Evanesto® is an innovative and eco-responsible alternative that allows us to achieve zero waste. 

Plastic containing Evanesto® are treated as bio-waste, composted and transformed into compost in less than 200 days.

Our solution makes it possible to fight against the plastic waste accumulation in the environment and becomes an effective lever to deploy a high-performance solution for on-site sorting of wastes. 

How Evanesto® works to improve the bioplastic end of life?

Evanesto® is an enzymatic additive.

This means that it is composed of enzymes, acting as catalyzers, which allows the plastic disintegration so that it can be assimilated more quickly by the compost’s microorganisms.

Thus, within 200 days, bioplastic are an integral part of your compost, with zero residue and zero toxicity.

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