Who is Oimo?

OIMO is an Eco-Design and New Materials Startup based in Spain.  It operates in the sector of new materials with the aim of offering alternatives to both manufacturers and end clients using petrol derived materials for single use packaging.

What Oimo Does

Oimo acts as the bridge of innovation for companies looking to switch plastic out for sustainable alternatives. It tailor makes biomaterials to client’s technical and sustainable needs.

Formulators at heart, Oimo is able to adapt its material to achieve properties for a variety of widely used materials such as to LDPE  and more Rigid lines such as PP and HDPE. The company is also in the process of obtaining partners  to supply the pellet of the material if requested.

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Oimo vision

Our vision is to make the next generation of Bioplastics which don’t require industrial processes to safely decompose and don’t produce harmful microplastics. Oimo’s vision is to implement its technology with key industry players to generate sustainable innovation within the sector.

Oimo Product and Technology

Oimo Material  is generated by  heating the natural molecules present in the algae extracts or vegetable oils to produce a chemical reaction that obtains a series of molecular chains that adhere to create Oimo bioplastic.

  • Compatible with classic plastics processing machinery
  • Natural & Readily available Raw Materials
  • Microplastics Free
  • Adaptable to both Rigid and Flexible applications


rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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