Radical Plastics Wins 500 K Award at the 76West Competition

Radical Plastics creates biodegradable plastics that address the issue of plastic pollution, while creating energy savings in applications such as mulch film used in agriculture.

76West Competition

From competition to commercialization, 76West has the resources your startup needs to succeed. 76West is an unparalleled competition focused on growing entrepreneurs and attracting resources from the U.S. and around the world to build clean energy businesses and jobs in New York State’s Southern Tier region. The competition offers $20 million in prize money and support services, including a $1 million top prize.

76West is designed to further develop the regional community of clean energy technology innovators, industry experts, educators, and investors, as well as help startups get early users for their technologies.

Winning clean energy startups that are located outside of New York State will need to demonstrate economic impact in one of four ways to meet prize requirements.

Radical Plastics Wins 76West Award


Radical Plastics won a $ 500 K Award.

Radical Plastics has developed a game changing solution to plastic pollution. Our patent pending technology involves blending conventional plastics with a proprietary, naturally-occurring catalyst to make plastic compounds that are completely biodegradable in the natural environment. Our initial target market is soil degradable compounds for agricultural film, a $4B market.

In 2020 and beyond Radical Plastics will bring this technology to a market where it can really make a difference, Flexible Packaging. With Radical Plastics, brand owners will be able to create packaging with a finite lifespan. Radical Plastics is providing an economically viable, drop-in replacement solution for conventional plastics that are fully biodegradable. AND they can be recycled along with regular plastics! So, let’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REDESIGN plastics so they don’t persist in our environment!


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