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Biopac UK and Biopak Australia Merge to Become Biopak

Biopac is now officially trading as BioPak UK Ltd following a merger with Australia’s leading eco-friendly packaging company, BioPak Pty.

Last year, both Biopac UK and BioPak Pty (Australia) were acquired by Duni AB, a leading global company supplying creative sustainable packaging, table top and take away solutions.

Since establishing Biopac in 2002, co-founders Mark Brigden and Eric Graham have played a pivotal role in the research and development of eco-friendly packaging.

They quickly became market leaders, with the business experiencing high growth as UK consumers became increasingly aware of the environmental effects of single-use plastics.

BioPak Pty (Australia) has enjoyed the same success since formation in 2006. Buy-in from their eco-conscious customers in Australia’s coastal cities has helped them to drive their environmental message, allowing them to take BioPak to New Zealand and more recently Singapore.

Biopac UK Joint Managing Director Mark Brigden said “Our focus on aligning the needs of our customers with the right sustainable products has enabled us to gain a significant market share in the UK and the move to BioPak will give our customers a broader choice of eco-friendly solutions.”

The partnership with BioPak has introduced an innovative range of eco-friendly products to the UK market, which includes Carnauba wax-coated wooden cutlery and the Art Series Hot Cups designed by local artists.

In addition to this, clients can now benefit from marketing support which will help them to shout about their environmental credentials.

As part of the merger, BioPak customers can now take advantage of a new website which will offer a fresh new look and improved user experience. Customers can keep up to date with BioPak’s exciting future developments through their online channels.

If you are looking for a way to demonstrate your commitment to help protect our environment and want to find out more about BioPak, then visit our new website at http://www.biopak.com/uk

About BioPak

BioPak is the leading UK developer and supplier of environmentally responsible packaging and catering disposables.

Formed in 2002, their passion was to develop environmentally responsible alternatives to conventional oil-based packaging products.

After years of research and development, they have created a comprehensive range of exciting products using materials that are both practical and sustainable.

Their range includes tumblers, hot cups, fibre based hot food containers, plates, bowls, drinking straws and more.



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Biopac Merges With Australian Eco-friendly Packaging Company to Become Biopak Uk Ltd