SK Chemicals

Since the establishment of Sunkyung Textiles in 1969, SK chemicals has grown through continuous change and innovation into a chemical and life sciences enterprise representing South Korea.

SK chemicals’ new mission statement says, “We enhance human health and protect the Earth’s environment” and we have reorganized our business structure to focus on the two large sectors of green chemicals and life sciences.

Providing distinguished chemical and life sciences products and solutions based on the world’s highest technology standards, SK chemicals is recognized as a leading global company of environmentally-friendly materials and total healthcare solutions.

Our green chemical business is steadily progressing as a leading global company in the environmentally-friendly materials business by using the world’s best technology, knowledge, and production facilities.

To achieve this goal, SK chemicals has selected four new core areas of business: bio-materials, composites, high-performance materials, and energy saving materials while continuing a commitment to R&D activities.

Our life sciences business, dominated by pharmaceuticals and bio, is anchored by the comprehensive healthcare solutions that cover patient care from diagnosis to treatment and prevention. The creation of new medicines is bolstering our global position.

Sustainability Management

The corporate philosophy of SKMS, “A corporation must consistently achieve stability and growth for its continued existence and development.

Through these, a corporation generates value for customers, corporate members, and shareholders, while playing a central role in socioeconomic development; and thus, ultimately contributing to the happiness of all humankind.” and the mission statement of SK Chemicals, “We promote the health of humankind and protect the environment of the Earth” correspond with SK Chemicals’ sustainable management system.

SK Chemicals’ management philosophy aims for a virtuous cycle in which it profits from doing the right thing, making the company the global leader through environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable management.

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