Woodly Ltd is an environmentally friendly technology company and the developer of a wood-based, yet transparent packaging material called Woodly®. At the moment, we’re working very hard to make sure you can find products packed in Woodly at stores.

Woodly Oy is a Finnish tech company founded in 2011. The company’s mission is to accelerate the shift towards a more ecologically sustainable future.

The Woodly packaging material is a see-through solution made from soft-wood pulp and it can be used to replace traditional fossil-based plastics in packaging Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and it is designed to be recyclable.

A new wood-based and transparent packaging material

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The company operates in Otaniemi, Espoo and currently has four employees. Woodly was founded by Solution agency Seedi Oy.

Woodly® is a new versatile carbon-neutral material based on cellulose from sustainably managed forests. Woodly can be used for packaging Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and it is designed to be recyclable.

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Woodly Mission

To accelerate the shift towards an ecologically sustainable future.

Woodly Vision

To create the best-known packaging material brand in the world.

Woodly Packaging

Packaging material is an inevitable part of products bought by consumers. At the same time, packaging is a noteworthy medium in itself, and one of the most powerful drivers behind purchase decisions. Attractive packaging can also influence how much consumers are willing to pay for their purchases.

Woodly® is a way to communicate corporate values and create added value to products through packaging.


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