Biochemtex is a global leader in the development and engineering of technologies and bio-chemical processes based on the exclusive use of non-food biomass, as an alternative to oil.

Biochemtex has a partnership with Beta Renewables (Joint Venture between American private equity Texas Pacific Group and Danish Novozymes) providing technologies and plants to produce bio-ethanol and other chemical intermediates.

Technology and R&D

Biochemtex developed the PROESA™ process, an exclusive technology platform commercialized by Beta Renewables. Proesa™ is used to produce bio-fuels and chemical intermediates and it has been demonstrated on an industrial scale at the Crescentino plant, that is the 1st demo plant in the world that produces 2nd generation bioethanol on industrial scale.

Biochemtex is also developing a new technology called MOGHI to convert lignin into bio-diesel and other aromatics, largely used in industry.

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The Company runs two Research Centers in Rivalta Scrivia (AL) and Modugno (BA).


In 2012 Biochemtex had a turnover of 200 million Euros, with 250 employees. The company plans to invest about 180 million Euros in R&D for the period 2013-2018.

Products and Services

Biochemtex is the exclusive engineering firm for construction of cellulosic ethanol plants based on the PROESA™ technology, of which Beta Renewables is the sole licensor. Biochemtex also offers complete project solutions for biofuels and the biochemical industry.

There are currently 220 employees at work in the Engineering division of Tortona (AL), and at the Company Research and Development center, in Rivalta Scrivia (AL).

Biochemtex offersdiverse engineering solutions.

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Front-End engineering
  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Global Purchasing capabilities
  • EPC contractor expertise
  • Process development within corporate in-house R&D facilities
  • Scale-up competencies from lab to pilot scale, all the way to commercial size.
  • Broad experience in technology transfer from third party licensors.
  • Process optimization and debottlenecking skills


Biochemtex Website 


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