GC Innovation America

Myriant becomes GC Innovation America.

GC Innovation America was formerly known as Myriant.

GC Innovation America is the U.S. based innovation arm of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, the leading Thai chemicals company with global sales of more than US$ 15 billion. Their objective is to find and develop new technologies and materials, including biomaterials and biotechnology for global commercialization, either through own development, partnership collaboration or investment.

Myriant developed a succinic acid production technology and several succinic acid derivative products, and built a demonstration plant in Louisiana (US). They manufactured various drop-in chemicals replacing fossil based chemicals by bio-chemicals.

GC Innovation America will now undertake a broader spectrum of activities to drive the innovation growth of GC (PTT).

Products and Services

  • New Technology
    • Open innovation
    • Technology scouting
    • Corporate Venture Capital
  • Biochemicals and Plastics
    • Products development
    • Applications development
    • Bio-based performance chemicals
    • Bioplastics solutions
  • Biocatalyst and R&D
    • Molecular biology
    • Fermentation
    • Alternative feedstocks


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