BioLogiQ was founded with the intent of creating a useful plastic from the excess starch created during potato processing, which led to the invention of NuPlastiQ® BioPolymers.

Over the next five years (2011-2016), BioLogiQ focused on developing its unique NuPlastiQ® technology so those plastic manufacturers could use their existing equipment to make a wide variety of sustainable plastic products.

In 2017, several farms, including Wada Farms, launched production programs to sell fresh potatoes in bags made from the company’s “Tater Made®” logo that were made from BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ resin at Wal-Mart supercenters.  

BioLogiQ has grown from a simple concept to a global planet-friendly bioplastics company offering commercial-ready plant-based biopolymer solutions to help build a world free of pollution caused by plastics.

BioLogiQ’s biopolymer resins and solutions are designed to precisely meet the needs of our customers.

Our plant-based NuPlastiQ is a planet-friendly additive for use in the production of plastic products that:

  • Provide real sustainability solutions that enhance a brand’s value
  • Replace unsustainable fossil-based resins
  • Reduce carbon footprint profile of products
  • Enables the easy addition of bio-content to existing applications
  • Decrease plastic’s environmental persistence through compostability and bioremediation.

BioLogiQ’s Vision

A world free of pollution caused by the accumulation of plastic in the environment.

BioLogiQ’s Mission

To provide a way for people to use environmentally friendly plastic products made from renewable resources.

We believe we can help achieve a significant reduction in the amount of environmental waste by creating plastic products made from renewable resources and providing them to the masses.

We support The New Plastics Economy and all efforts to create a Circular Economy for Plastics Packaging which is intended to help protect the environment and create sustainable solutions for future generations.

We especially agree with the concepts and principles of Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) that prioritize material usage efficiency over re-use for plastic packaging.

Compostability & Biodegradability

Products made with BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ® are durable and shelf-stable. They will not degrade (fragment) or cause degradation simply because of the presence of oxygen or UV light.

  • BioBlend BC Resins

Blending NuPlastiQ with other biodegradable resins such as PBS, PHA, PBAT or PLA will result in BioBlend BC products that biodegrade in Industrial Compost conditions. In its pure form, NuPlastiQ will biodegrade as fast or faster than cellulose or any other kind of bioplastic on the market today.

NuPlastiQ and several BioBlend BC grades have passed standardized tests for compostability and are certified by TUV to meet the criteria specified in ASTM D6400 and EN 13432.

NuPlastiQ CG is certified as ‘OK Biodegradable Marine’ by TUV.  We have also designed some thin films that biodegrade within one year in ocean water when tested according to ASTM-D6691.

  • BioBlend CB Resins

We can design custom blends to meet unique requirements for combinations of recyclability and biodegradability in a variety of environments such as ocean, soil, landfill and home compost.

  • BioBlend XP/XD Resins

BioBlend XP and XD resins reduce carbon footprint versus fossil-based plastics. BioBlend XP and XD resins are designed to be durable and can be recycled with special considerations. Biodegradability information on BioBlend XP and XD resins is provided for B2B discussions and decision making. BioLogiQ doesn’t support B2C communication on polyolefin biodegradation. 

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