France’s leading chemicals producer, Arkema is aiming to become one of the global leaders in specialty chemicals. With its 14,000 employees and 91 industrial sites in 40 countries, Arkema has a revenue of €6.4 billion.

Arkema developed Biostrength® additives, a family of impact modifiers specially designed to enhance the mechanical properties of PLA.

Thanks to these additives, PLA can now be used in a great number of applications: transparent or opaque thermoformed packaging, bottle blow molding, injection molding for complex parts, etc.

bioplastics arkema biostrength

Biostrength® sustainable modifiers are outstanding impact and processing modifiers designed to improve the performance of biopolymers, such as polylatic acid (PLA).

Biostrength® additives are used to strengthen performance and processability in packaging, thermoformed sheets, and injection molding applications.


  • Adhesives

Throughout the years, changes in resins and glues have fundamentally transformed various sectors of activity, including construction and transportation, as well as a large number of consumer products.

Arkema provides practical and economical solutions thanks to its diversified offering and proven expertise.

  • Biosourced Materials

Renewable raw materials represent a strategic opportunity both for the environment and for Arkema’s development.

Building on its expertise in castor oil chemistry, the Group develops biobased products and materials derived from plants for wide-ranging markets (footwear, eyewear, cell phones, automotive parts, etc.).

  • Coatings

The Arkema Group is a world leader in raw materials for paints and coatings.

Its range of high performance solutions and innovative technologies cover 99% of an ever more demanding market in terms of environmental constraints.

  • Composite Materials

Biosourced resins and liquid resins for thermoplastic composites, latest generation structural adhesives, specialty additives…

The Arkema Group offers innovative and custom-made solutions for ever more efficient composites for aerospace, automotive, sailing, sports equipment, and wind power.

  • Health, Hygiene, Beauty

Making health an asset available to everyone, offering men and women the means to live in optimum personal and household hygiene conditions, combining beauty with daily skincare routine.

With its extensive and diverse product offering, Arkema advances man’s wellbeing and partners the health, hygiene and beauty sectors.

  • Oil & Gas

Arkema partners its customers in the oil and gas industry at every key moment.

The Group indeed offers an extensive range of tried-and-tested or innovative solutions for the various stages of the oil and gas chain both upstream and downstream

  • Sport Equipment

Comfort, light weight, durability… are all key qualities in sports equipment manufacture.

Arkema knows this, and combines passion with innovation to accompany trends in clothing and technical equipment thanks to effective solutions.

By improving the design of sports articles and materials, the Group stands as a partner at the service of the performance of sportsmen and women. 

The sports world is becoming more extreme – and needs “extreme” materials.

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