With over 180 employees across two locations in the UK and Malaysia, the leadership team has been selected to deliver excellence in packaging design, development and supply.

Our innovative work in both compostable and re-closable packaging results in continuous enhancements to our manufacturing capabilities to ensure our high-quality work is always delivered.

Compostable Packaging

We believe packaging makes the difference; but we know there are a lot of myths surrounding the development, use and disposal of compostable packaging. We’re here to help!

Parkside is a world leader in the design and development of fully accredited home and industrial compostable flexible packaging

Parkside offers Compostable Packaging under the brand name: Park2Nature

Flexible Packaging

Today’s modern consumer demands brands design products to meet their busy lifestyle needs. From food on the go to reducing food preparation and cooking times, contemporary flexible packaging makes the difference.

Parkside works closely with brands and retailers to understand their target consumer needs. From market safaris to new product development workshops, Parkside design the latest thinking in packaging innovation to delight consumers and drive brand loyalty.

  • Easy open and reclose lidding

Utilising Parkside’s state of the art laser technology, lidding films can be designed with capability for easy peel and reclose for food waste reduction in the home.

  • Easy open and reclose flexible packaging

Consumers demand frustration-free access to their products and Parkside has the solution with its clever laser scribing and perforation technology. Replacing the need for zips and closures, Parkside can deliver a range of open and reclose designs to meet a wide variety of flexible packaging needs.

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