Over 60 years ago, the brothers Helmuth and Alwin Lehner founded the company ‘Alpenplastik Lehner Alwin GmbH’. Their initial assets consisted of courage, hard work and an injection moulding machine acquired at low cost.

They converted the laundry room in their parents’ home into a production hall, and they were grateful for every helping hand they got. Their passion for technical challenges remains unparalleled to this day and is one of the cornerstones of our company’s history.

Alpla Identity

As a global company, we are aware of our responsibilities. Our identity is shaped by fairness and honesty, partnerships and respectful actions.  The equal treatment of all people and law-abiding behaviour are also of vital importance to us.

ALPLA is a family-owned business that seeks balanced profitable growth and a reinforced global presence. By establishing and expanding strategic partnerships, we are evolving into the preferred supplier.

We thus offer peace of mind both to our employees and to our customers and partners.  The sustainable, environmentally conscious use of resources is the basis of our business activities, ensuring that future generations can also live in a healthy environment.

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1955
  • 178 Production facilities (including 72 in-house46 Countries
  • €3.66 BILLION Turnover in 2018
  • 20,800 Employees
  • Plastic packaging – Packaging systems, bottles, closures, injection-moulded parts, preforms, tubes. Alpla HQ are in Hard, Austria.



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