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TOP 10 Best Bioplastics Companies 2022 (FREE)

The Top 10 Best Bioplastics Companies of 2022. Discover the best players of 2022. This is a FREE article

Here are the Champions of 2022

  1. TotalEnergies (Corbion)
  2. Braskem
  3. BASF
  4. NatureWorks
  5. Futamura
  6. Mitsubishi Chemical
  7. Novamont
  8. Avantium
  9. Symphony Environmental
  10. TIPA

Best Bioplastic Companies 2022

A bit more explanation about this ranking. This ranking is based on my personal opinion and perception.

  • TotalEnergies (Corbion)

They won the The Best company of 2022 Award. TotalEnergies Corbion is a French – Dutch joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corbion. Their Luminy PLA is made from sugarcane. They have one plant in Thailand and are building a new one in France.

  • Braskem

Braskem is a Brazilian company and  largest petrochemical company in Latin America . They’re the single largest producer of Bioplastics with their “I’m Green” BIO PE. They produce polyethylene made from sugar cane. Read more

  • BASF

Largest producer of PBAT and world’s largest chemical company on earth; far beyond the second largest. Their PBAT is fossil-based and is a polymer / additive that is isually added to biobased plastics to make it biodegradable. Read more about BASF.

  • NatureWorks

NatureWorks is back from its winter sleep. Their “Ingeo” PLA is made from corn. They have one plant in the US and are building a second one in Thailand. Read more about NatureWorks

  • Futamura

Futamura is one of the leader in transparent bioplastics films. They’re making cellulosic films under the brand name “Natureflex”. Futamura is also the owner of the original “Cellophane” brand. The French word to say plastic film. Read all the latest news on Futamura

  • Mitsubishi Chemical

BioPBS is marketed by PTT MCC Biochem, a joint venture between PTT Global Chemical and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. The material was described in 2018 as made with Mitsubishi Chemical‘s polybutylene succinate (PBS) and PTT’s polylactic acid (PLA). Their Durabio brand is one of the leader in the automotive industry.

  • Novamont

One of the most famous bioplastic company; but they have been going through a rough patch in the last two years. One of the leader of bioplastics bags. Latest News about Novamont

  • Avantium

There are high expectations regarding Avantium for FDCA and PEF (marketed as a biobased alternative to PET), but they’re not yet producing anything at this point. They’re the world champion in institutional or corporate fundraising (they get money from third parties).

  • Symphony Environmental

UK company producing “biodegradable” plastics under the brand name “d2w”. They’re going for the “biodegradable” model instead of the “compostable” option in the sense that their bioplastics does not require a composting facility to degrade. It degrades in the open environment such as PHA.

  • TIPA

Startup from Israel that has been one of the best startup of the industry.

  • Eastman

Initially, I had ranked Eastman on the eight position but after reflection I have removed them from this list because otherwise there would have been 11 companies in the Top 10 list and besides this they didn’t really do much in terms of bioplastics in 2022.

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