Who Will Be The Best Bioplastics Company of 2019?

Who will win the "Best Bioplastics Company of 2019" Award? The award will be granted to the company who performed the best in the last 12 months. Here are the final champions.

The last 12 months have been great for the Bioplastics industry. The entire industry did a great job and everyone deserves to receive an award. However, you know how it goes. We have to make a selection. The criteria we looked at were:

  • Product development and applications;
  • Marketing and communications.

Following bioplastics companies have been selected because they have outpaced their competitors.


Neste is a champion in the making. Neste is a fit company that’s not afraid of change. They’ve remained consistent in their strategy. They left the fossil industry to focus on the bio industry. Neste is the crown jewel of Finland.

Neste is a leader in biofuels and their challenge will be how to breakthrough in bioplastics? Will they go solo or find a partner? Will they create a market for Bio-PP? How will they call their new bioplastic brand?


Novamont is a very successful bioplastic company and their CEO, Catia Bastioli, is a captain of industry. She was the person of the year 2017

Novamont made the news several times this year. The First2Run project was completed and it was a great success. First2Run is the first and most successful flagship project of BBIJU under Horizon 2020. Novamont did a marketing stunt by involving the Italian Embassy in London in a marketing campaign. That’s what we call innovative marketing. And finally, they hit the news through the marine biodegradation of their bioplastics.

All the companies who have been playing at the top of their industry face the same challenge: how do I keep innovating, how do I avoid ivory towers and how do I remain customer-centric?

Total Corbion

Total Corbion made one of the most important news of the year with the construction of their new PLA plant in Thailand. They’re now the second biggest PLA producer in the world thanks to this achievements. They also marked points by being more customer friendly than their direct competitor.

Their challenge will be to solve the little problems that are inherent when you launch a new plant. It took 20 years to NatureWorks to get it right. Another priority will be to sharpen their marketing and increase their brand awareness (Luminy).


Bio-On had a very productive year full of innovations from packaging to sun cream but had to face a challenge on the stock market in the last month. Their biggest challenge will be to bring back the share value to the level it was one month ago.

Mitsubishi Chemicals 

We’ve never seen a company raise like Mitsubishi Chemical in terms of communications. They’re doing an amazing job. They went from obscurity to spotlight in less than two months and they’re becoming best of class in terms of communications. They’re also establishing a Product Stewardship Promotion Department to increase customer satisfaction and brand/ product awareness. Japanese know how to get things done.

Their challenge will be to find the right balance in the task distribution between Japanese management vs non-Japanese management; and start spending money on the reach and external media channels.

Stora Enso

2019 is a tremendous year for Stora Enso. They made the news almost every month. No challenge was too big.  Stora Enso seems to have set their eyes on conquering the world. They have an impeccable record in terms of product development.

Their challenge will be to increase their PR.

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Braskem did a fantastic job in terms of corporate communications, product marketing and international brand awaraness (I’m Green). Braskem is definitely one of the better players when it comes to communications and marketing. Braskem also did an incredible work in terms of product applications. They will hit a few records in 2019!

Their challenge will be to start looking at a something else than BIO-PE.


What a year for Avantium! The Avatium Saga was like the Game of Thrones of the Bioplastics Industry. Not many companies have a tried what Avantium almost achieved:  disrupting the bioplastics industry with Synvina (PEF). What an incredible adventure. They almost hit a royal flush on the river by disrupting the entire chemical industry.

Their challenge will be to get back on their feet, come up with another groundbreaking concept and learn from their past mistakes when it comes to their new company (Avantium Renewable Polymers) born from the ashes of Synvina.


Arkema did a great marketing campaign by sponsoring the Women’s Football World cup 2019 in  France, and  supporting other women’s football events such as Street football world Festival 19 and the French women’s first division.

Their challenge will be to shift their communications from French to English.


Sulalpac made one of the best deals in the last 12 months by partnering with French cosmetic company Chanel. What an achievement! What a great move!

Their challenge will be to come down from their ivory tower now.


TIPA managed to sign a deal with Google Express and be recognised as technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum in the same months. What an amazing achievement!

Their challenge will be to scale up from a founder-run company to the next level, and start marketing outside the US.

All these companies did a remarkable job. However, the winner of this year’s award, shinned a bit more than the others. The company ticked all the boxes and outperformed the industry.

In fact, the winner achieved what has never been seen before.

So who’s this year champion? Who outshined the rest of the industry? Who’s the Maradona of the bioplastics industry in 2019?

Patience. We’ll tell you in a couple of days!


Why didn’t we include profit as a criteria? Because profit is, as Mr. Arthur Andersen once said … an abstract concept … a sequence of fiscal and bookkeeping transaction…..


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