Portable Chargers Made From Bioplastics

From the moment you start unboxing it, you can tell the Nimble portable charger is different.

The elephant-on-hind-legs symbol on the outside of the box isn’t a giveaway about what’s inside, but more is revealed when the top layer of cardboard is peeled back and the full “nimble” logo and “tech for good” tagline appear above a statement printed on the box that reads:

“We believe that people deserve to know how their products are made, where they come from, and the impact they have on the world.”

Inside the 100% recycled scrap paper and plastic-free packaging is a portable charger unlike any other. The Nimble is constructed out of plant-based bioplastic infused with mica flakes to reduce the overall bioplastic load.

The shell around the charging brick is crafted out of recycled aluminum, and the cables inside the box are BPA- and PVC-free.

The company also includes a bio-plastic return shipping bag inside the box so customers can recycle one pound’s worth of your e-waste in exchange for purchasing one of their products. If Nimble’s ethos and products serve as a model for other tech gadget makers, the world will be a cleaner, greener place.



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