Arnitel Eco

Our Arnitel® Eco material is a bio-based thermoplastic copolyester (TPE) that delivers high performance with the added benefit of a lower environmental impact. The material is 50% made from renewable resources, based on rapeseed oil instead of mineral oil. Yet…it performs outstandingly for demanding applications ranging from oven pan liners to consumer electronics to sports and leisure, automotive and furniture.

Arnitel Eco materials can deliver up to a 40% reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional co-polyesters.

This is based on a cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Analysis that takes into account the total chain of events from growing the plants until the product leaves DSM’s gate and complements our strategy of helping manufacturers meet the growing demand for more sustainable products.

A high performance material

Just as importantly for manufacturers, Arnitel Eco delivers high performance, through a wide portfolio of grades that thrive in extreme conditions and can extend product lifetimes significantly.

The material has a melting point of up to 200°C, making it ideal for applications with peak temperatures close to the melting point. In fact, the material maintains consistent performance across its entire operating temperature from low to high extremes, outperforming other elastomers. And it doesn’t require vulcanization to optimize its mechanical properties – which further reduces production costs.

Pushing sustainability further

Arnitel is set to become even more sustainable in the near future as we approved BDO (1,4-butanediol) made using Genomatica’s process. In fact, when used as a raw material, their unique BDO has the potential to increase Arnitel’s bio-based content by 73%.