Genomatica is a widely-recognized technology leader for the chemical industry. It delivers new manufacturing processes that enable its partners to produce the world’s most widely-used chemicals from renewable feedstocks, with better economics and greater sustainability than petroleum-based processes.

Genomatica develops commercial biobased processes to make widely-used chemicals that enable better, more sustainable everyday products. This enables better food packaging, auto parts, clothing, tires, carpets, and more.

Genomatica has commercialized processes for bio-BDO (for plastics) and for biobased butylene glycol (for cosmetics); and our technology drives the world’s first commercial-scale biobased plant for a major intermediate chemical. They’re working on polyamide intermediates (nylon) and on butadiene (tires); and we’re helping numerous companies with their bioprocesses.

Genomatica gives licensees and engineering firms everything they need to build and operate commercial plants successfully. That includes our engineered microorganisms, Process Design Packages and technical services for their plants to startup smoothly, work reliably and deliver on performance guarantees.

Genomatics’s technology leadership begins with their foundation in computation and modeling, and combines bioprocess and microorganism design with production economics and technology transfer in a total solutions approach. Their ability to “program biology” keeps getting better, and includes an alliance with Ginkgo Bioworks that leverages their automated foundries to accelerate construction of our strain designs. Their intellectual property includes almost 700 patents and applications.


CEO Schilling shares Genomatica overview at Ernst & Young award ceremony





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