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Free Newsletter vs Paid Subscription

  • Free Newsletter

Newsletters are free. They include the title and a short description of the article (usually one or two sentences). Once you have subscribed to the newsletter, you can set the email frequency at your convenience to immediate, daily or weekly. The newsletter gives you a “free preview” of the article; however, you need to purchase a subscription in order to read the full article on the website,

  • Paid Subscription

You need to purchase a paid subscription to read the articles published on the website after 31 July 2020.

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How to Join the Free Newsletter?

Look for the following “widgets” on the static side column of the site. Enter your email and click on “Join Newsletter”. You will receive a email asking to confirm your subscription to the free newsletter. Please accept it.

How to Change the Email Frequency of the Newletter?

It’s easy to change the newsletter frequency.

(1) Open any previous Bioplastics News newsletter.

(2) Click on “Manage Subscriptions” at the bottom of the email. PS – The word subscription is used here in the context of the free newsletter.

(3) Click on “Settings

(4) Under “Email me new posts” you should be able to adapt the “Delivery Frequency” of the free newsletter. You have three options:

  • Immediate – receive an email immediately when an article is published
  • Daily – 1 email per day with all the published articles of the day.
  • Weekly – 1 email per week with all the published articles of that week.

That’s it.

PS – Please note that sometimes there’s an update of the software and this may slightly alter the user experience.

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