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Bioplastics Brands Ranking for June 2019

Here are the most popular Bioplastics Brands for the month of June 2019.

The Bioplastics Brands Ranking is based on our website ( statistics. The ranking is measured on the following point: The readers of were the most interested in the following brands and to what extend were the readers willing to find out more on a specific brand.

Please note that a few changes may occur in the course of the day. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The Bioplastics Brands Ranking for the period 1 June – 30 June 2019 … in order of importance….

  1. Nativia (UAE)
  2. Novamont (IT)
  3. Floreon (UK)
  4. BioAmber (CA)
  5. NatureWorks (US)
  6. Bio-On (IT)
  7. Mater-Bi Biopolymers (IT)
  8. ECHO Instruments (SLO)
  9. Metabolix(SK)
  10. Arkema (FR)
  11. Braskem (BR)
  12. BASF (GE)
  13. Arctic Biomaterials (FI)
  14. Genomatica (US)
  15. Total Corbion (FR – NL)
  16. Mitsubishi Chemical (JP)
  17. LanzaTech(US)
  18. Solvay (BE)
  19. Verdezyne
  20. Reverdia(NL – FR)
  21. Kaneka
  22. Taghleef Industries (UAE)
  23. Lactips (FR)
  24. Toray Group (JP)
  25. Mitsui Chemicals (JP)
  26. Innovia Films
  27. Novozymes(DK)
  28. Neste (FI)
  29. Tecnaro (GE)
  30. Biomer
  31. AVA Biochem (CH)
  32. Yulex (US)
  33. Avantium (NL)
  34. Durabio (JP)
  35. Cornware (UK)
  36. Minerv (IT)
  37. Myriant
  38. DowDuPont
  39. Green Dot Bioplastics
  40. Corbion (NL)
  41. Biome Bioplastics (UK)
  42. Yield 10 Bioscience
  43. Gualapack Group
  44. DSM (NL)
  45. Roquette (FR)
  46. Versalis (IT)
  47. Teijin Limited (Japan)
  48. Covestro (DE)
  49. Futamura Group (Japan)
  50. Evonik(GE)
  51. CIMV (France)
  52. Dupont
  53. Biochemtex
  54. Clariant(CH)
  55. Grabio


  • A small company like Floreon finds itself at the top. Is this the result of excellent World Class Marketing ?
  • We double checked and found Nativia was above Novamont for June.
  • Novamont seems to be the most famous brand….What did you expect? Mater-Bi comes also in the top ten. Italians know a few things about marketing apparently.
  • BioAmber is bankrupt but the brand is still popular.
  • Metabolix became Yield 10 Bioscience, and is still more popular than Yield 10 bioscience.
  • What a Great marketing from Bio-On !
  • Arkema and Braskem in the top 11  … of course. They did a great job in the past and Braskem is still doing it today.
  • Arctic Biomaterials can still surf on their past Awards communications.
  • Total Corbion on 14th … a bit disappointing for their calibre.
  • First Japanese company is “Mitsubishi Chemicals” on 15th place …  A bit disappointing when you see how much effort the Japanese Government made…
  • Neste on 27th place … a bit disappointing for this calibre.
  • DSM, Roquette and Futamura …. come’on guys ! Seriously ?


Please take following points into consideration: Not all companies are equal.

  • Some companies are only active in bioplastics while others are also active in traditional plastics.
  • Not all companies produce the same type of bioplastics.
  • Not all companies have the same size or marketing budget.
  • Not all companies have their same place in the bioplastic value chain.
  • Some companies have brighter people on board.
  • Some companies spend their marketing budget more wisely.
  • Some companies did an excellent marketing job in the past and can still reap the fruits today.


Ladies and Gentlemen, you should really find out what these companies are doing.