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BASF Launches Digital Regulatory Services (FREE)

BASF launches RegXcellence® for plastic additives, a new service for Regulatory Excellence. This is a FREE article

Customized digital solutions and services in a highly regulated environment

First service addition to the VALERAS™ brand of sustainable, value-creating plastic additives from BASF

Leveraging on BASF’s regulatory competence and experience

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BASF launches a new service offering, RegXcellence®, for its plastic additives customers which enables targeted access to a range of global regulatory support.

RegXcellence provides digital solutions and simplifies regulatory issue management with advisory support to accelerate innovation opportunities.  

The regulatory landscape changes constantly.

It is increasingly challenging for global businesses to navigate the complex regulatory frameworks whilst remaining compliant.

“As a leading global producer of plastic additives, we leverage our extensive experience in the plastic industry and strong knowledge of product stewardship and chemical legislation to stay ahead of the evolving regulatory trends.

We proactively support our customers to ensure responsible and appropriate use of our additive solutions.

With the extension of the successful RegXcellence service to include plastic additives, we now enable our customers to benefit from our extensive regulatory service and expertise.

Together, we can mitigate business risks, accelerate innovation, and achieve sustainable growth through regulatory compliance.”

Dr. Thomas Kloster, President, Performance Chemicals, BASF

As this service expands, plastic additives customers will have access to a convenient digital solution to access regulatory documents.

A global community of regulatory experts also evaluates relevant environmental, health and safety data.

These experts are available to support customers when it comes to registration services or process and substance consulting.

In addition, specific regulatory trainings are offered.

BASF already offers RegXcellence services to the customers of its fuel and lubricant solutions, plasticizers, pharma solutions and human nutrition businesses.

RegXcellence for plastic additives is part of the VALERAS™ portfolio.

With VALERAS, BASF is committed to increasing the sustainability of plastics along the entire polymer value chain with innovative solutions and offerings from its plastic additives business.

Personal Remarks

I think it’s a very good move to control and manipulate their customers … only sharing the regulation and laws while making abstraction of what happens in the real world, discrediting their competitors, using your search data to know what your organisation may want to buy in the future …

The world’s biggest polluter in the chemical sector controls your access to regulatory information …. I think in addition, you should also hire a business consultants to cover your responsibility and blame them if you make a wrong decision based on BASF info.

This fits into BASF vision of fine tuning reality at their own convenience. Now, they will be able to greenwash their customers … à la carte.


BASF launches RegXcellence® for plastic additives, a new service for Regulatory Excellence

rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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