Biobased RFID Tags

The new sustainable ECO RFID Tag Technology is made for companies committed to environmental values.

ECO RTT allows printing of an RFID label to a renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals.

Besides ecology, ECO stands for economy – it allows high volumes and high quality while being cost neutral.

Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging introduces the first sustainable RAIN RFID labels that combine the unique ECO RFID Tag Technology and the new Impinj M700 series integrated circuit.

Together they enable the most wideband performance and frequency insensitivity in multiple materials.

The new IC family provides a longer read range and wider coverage, while also increasing the sustainability of the ECO RFID tags even further with the smaller chip size and improved assembly process efficiency with 300mm / 12” wafers.

The new chip family is first introduced with the ECO Hanger and ECO Rack RFID labels, which are specifically designed for retail-applications, such as hang tags.

According to LCA studies, ECO RFID tags provide up to 40% decrease in carbon footprint.

They are also competitive with traditional inlay options in both performance and cost making them the sustainable choice for companies that care about their ecological footprint.

The new M730 and M750 chips are already available in sample quantities and can be delivered in volume during Q2.

Benefits of ECO

  • Environmentally friendly materials – sustainable, renewable, no impact on existing waste streams or recycling
  • Excellent reliability with paper-based inlay
  • Excellent performance with printed antenna – 90-95% the performance of etched aluminum
  • Cost level of ECO tags is comparable to etched AL products, with a clear roadmap towards cost leadership
  • Fibre-based substrate enables new features – label can be embedded on package, made tamper-proof, non-transferable, re-pulpable



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