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Macron Speaks About Plastic Bottles

Macron made a short speech on plastic bottles. Here's the video.

Macron said the following:

Can we ban plastic bottles overnight …if you ask me, I think we need a delay.

Should we impose a ban in 6 months time? It’s Impossible! It’s impossible to ban plastic bottles overnight. There are stocks.

How do we leave time to the industry to adapt?

What we need to do is to ban single use plastic immediately. That’s the most useful and needed battle.

There are ten thousands of people working in this sector. We can’t tell them: your job doesn’t exist anymore because we ban plastic bottles.

We need a substitute with a lower ecological footprint.

If you want to replace plastic bottle produced in France with a cardboard substitute that has a worse ecological footprint … even if it biodegrades faster … I don’t think it’s a good idea.


French Plastic Federation (Plasturgie et Composites) Made the following remark on Twitter




It should have been wiser to ask yourself these questions before including bans or reduction of bottles in circulation in the Law (anti-waste Law for a Circular Economy).





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