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Bio!Pac 2019 Was A Great Success

Bio!Pac Has Become the Most Important Conference on Bioplastics Packaging.

The Bio!Pac conference was a big success.

  • The presentations and speakers were great.
  • Many chemical companies, converters and brand owners had the chance to meet, discover the latest innovations and identify the partners, materials and packaging solutions for their next big move.
  • The city of Düsseldorf was a great choice and the Maritim hotel was splendid.
  • Michael Thielen did a super job and it was a top class event!

There’s movement in the packaging industry; a lot of movement. The demand in bioplastics packaging will be bigger than the offer. There will probably be a shortage of bioplastics packaging in 2020, so be quick and guarantee your sourcing of bioplastics packaging asap. The price will skyrocket for the late comers so get your budget approved internally. It’s worth to invest in sustainability as your customers will ask for it.


  • The Next Bio!Pac conference will take place in May 2021, so don’t miss it!!
  • However, the Bioplastics Business Breakfast will be organised during the K’2019 in Düsseldorf from  16-19 October 2019. What a great chance !! Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to show up at these meetings !!