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Operation Ocean Clean Up Has Started

System 001 was invented by dutchman Boyan Slat and launched this weekend to remove between 40.000 and 80.000 tons of plastics between Hawaii and California in the next five years.

The development and construction of System 001 costs $25 mln and was develop by NGO Ocean Cleanup.

The device is 600 meters long and uses tidal movements to reach the “plastics continents” or “Garbage Patch”. It has the form of a horseshoe and will trap plastic waste in its middle. The plastic will be collected and recycled.

The Plastic Continent or Garbage Patch has the size of France and contains approx between 1.5 and 2 billion pieces of plastics. Companies will be able to sponsor future devices.

ocean plastic clean up

ocean plastic clean up

ocean plastic clean up vessel