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Carlsberg Replaces Plastic Rings With Recyclable Glue

Danish brewer Carlsberg replaces plastic rings with a new “snap pack”.

The packaging has been developed by NMP Systems and is branded Nature MultiPack™ . It can be used for PET bottles and can multipacks.

The glue withstands cold temperatures and will easily give up when you “break” a can. The glue will be used in four, or six, or eight-can packs and can be recycled along with the aluminium can. 4,000 different types of glue have been tested before finding the final formulation.

The snap pack will reduce the amount of plastic used in the Carlsberg traditional multi-packs by 76 %. This will lead to a reduction of 1200 tons (equivalent to 60 millions plastic bags) of plastic each year, according to Carlsberg’s estimates.

The snap pack will be available in Tesco supermarkets (UK) by Sept. 10 and will then be available in Norway.

carlsberg snap pack



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