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First Car Made Completely From Bioplastics

Eindhoven University of Technology Researchers have created the first car made completely out of bioplastics.

The Bioplastic car was named Noah and was created by a team of 22 students of the  Eindhoven University of Technology. The bioplastics car weights 360 kg (794 pounds) without batteries, approximately half weight of a regular car. The batteries weighs 60 kg (132 pounds).

The chassis  of the bioplastics car is made from sugars, the body is made from polylactid acid (PLA) and the car is weather-proof.

The bioplastics car has two electric engines of 15 kilowatt, has a maximum speed of 100 kmh (74.5 mph) and an autonomy of 240 km (149 miles).

The enormous breakthrough is that the car is fully recyclable. Bioplastics will be used more and more in the production of cars in the future.

bioplastics car

bioplastics car

car made of bioplastics


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