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UK First 100% Recycled Water Bottle

Scottish beverage company, Highland Spring, is the first UK bottled water brand to use a 100% recycled bottle.

Highland Spring’s bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and can be recycled. It is usually called recycled PET.

The “eco bottles” will be sold in 500 ml format in a few Tesco stores in Scotland and Sainsbury stores in England this month.

The eco bottles have a cloudier, greyer appearance than the traditional bottle and will be differentiated with a clear label.

Highland Spring CEO Les Montgomery said:

Plastic is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be treated as waste and we encourage everyone to get involved in this trial. This is a significant step that is part of a longer-term road map to eliminating plastic waste as more and more consumers recycle their plastic bottles and we can source recycled plastic in the quantities and quality we need.”

Highland Spring sold 302 million litres of bottled water last year, will start a trial of a 100 per cent recycled bottle in London on July 4.


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