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Danone Uses Bioplastics Bottle for So Delicious Brand

DanoneWave (subsidiary of Danone) uses plant-based packaging for its So Delicious Organic Almondmilk.

The bottles is made up of 80% sugarcane-based I’m green™ Polyethylene from Braskem.

So Delicious uses HDFP (high density polyethylene) bottle technology and filling equipment. Braskem’s I’m green PE is similar to the properties and functionality of petroleum-based HDPE, the Danone did not have to invest a significant capital into the project.

So Delicious bottle supplier, Alpha, was already working with Braskem’s Green PE so they could hit the ground running without too many testing.

Aubrey Yuzva, Senior Brand Manager for So Delicious Dairy Free said:

“The modern, sleek look of the bottle combined with the heavy use of the plant-based bio-resin helped us create a well-rounded offering that consumers really respond to. They feel like they are making a better choice overall.”


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