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MetaBolix Mvera Transparent Biopolymer Film

Metabolix (USA) announces it will launch its transparent biopolymer blown film grade Mvera™ B5011 at Interpack'14 (May 8-14th at Messe-Duesseldorf Germany).

Metabolix, Inc. is an advanced biomaterials company, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts . It was founded in 1992 by researchers associated with MIT and holds more than 500 granted or pending patents.

Metabolix develops and markets Mirel ™and Mvera™ a family of high-performance bioplastics which includes biobased and biodegradable alternatives to many petroleum-based plastics. Metabolix customers have used Mirel™ and Mvera™ in a broad range of applications utilizing the biobased content and the biodegradation profiles of the biopolymers.

At Interpack, Metabolix will launch Mvera™ B5011, a newly formulated transparent and compostable film grade compound for blown extrusion of transparent film and bag applications.

Mvera™ B5011 is suitable for use in coextruded films and blends. The material shows good compatibility to other biopolymers such as Polyhydroxyalcanoate (PHA), Polybutylene adipate-co-terphthalate (PBAT), Polylactic acid (PLA) or Polybutylene succinate (PBS). Such formulations can increase the bio-sourced content of coextruded films to greater than 50%, improve their barrier properties, and offer Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate free formulations compliant with the most recent food contact packaging legal requirements.

Combining easy processing on conventional blown film extrusion equipment with durability and excellent melt strength, Mvera B5011 is reportedly suitable for a wide range of applications. Potential uses include industrial can liners, retail bags, organics and yard waste collection bags. Mvera B5011 was developed to meet current compostability standards, and is certified compostable by both BPI and Vinçotte (OK-Compost certification as per EN13432 from Vinçotte was granted in 2013).


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