The City of Tomorrow – Chinaplast

The City of Tomorrow at Chinaplast to showcase the latest trends and applications of plastics and rubber technologies that foster sustainability

The City of Tomorrow

The City of Tomorrow Chinaplast
The City of Tomorrow Chinaplast

Sustainability is now the hottest trend around the globe. Forward-looking companies are incorporating green concepts into their business development plan, not only to strike for a more sustainable future, but also to benefit from exercising a more cost-effective and higher work efficiency output in the long run. As Asia’s No. 1 and world’s No. 2 plastics and rubber trade fair, CHINAPLAS has the mission to reinforce green messages to over 3,000 exhibitors and 120,000 professional visitors and to emphasize the importance of sustainability in the plastics and rubber industries.

The City of Tomorrow – the highlight of CHINAPLAS 2014, is presenting a comprehensive sustainability model which covers various aspects of the manufacturing cycle. Embedded with enormous fun elements such as attractive display of exhibits, info boards and interactive games in different clusters of the model, participants will be impressed by the innovative and interesting green messages/ trends while engaged in this activity. Join us to create a greener plastics and rubber industries for a better future.

The City of Tomorrow –  has received tremendous support from different collaboration parties including Bayer, Association of Green Molding Solutions (AGMS), The Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai, The Society of Plastics Industries, Inc. (SPI), NatureWorks, Arburg, Matsui, Battenfeld Cincinnati (Foshan), Korea Plastic Material Recycling Industry Cooperative (KPMRIC), Sorema, Trexel, Ginkgo and Oji.

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