Jewellery Box by Durasense Biocomposite

Aesthetics comes first when selecting a piece of jewellery, but safe and sustainable materials are equally important. In the best case, the same goes also for the jewellery box. The Finnish jewellery brand Ilonakoru found a solution in boxes made from our DuraSense biocomposite.

Ilonakoru designs colourful hand-made eardrops from PEFC and FSC certified wood and stainless steel. When the company owners, Lauri and Lotta Nordberg, wanted to renew their packaging, only eco-friendly, high-quality materials with low carbon footprint were considered.

“Instead of just protecting the jewellery during transportation, we wanted a nice-looking, reusable box that will live long at home, to store jewellery or other small things. We also wanted to avoid long airfreight for environmental reasons. A box made of biocomposite, available from a local supplier close to us, was a perfect match”, says Lauri Nordberg.

The material is DuraSense® by Stora Enso, a biocomposite material that consists of wood fibres and polymers. DuraSense is a climate-friendly alternative to fully fossil-based plastics in a wide variety of products, providing durability and formability with lower carbon footprint than plastic.

The box manufacturer is Muottituote Group who has also designed and produced the injection mould used. Ilonakoru selected a round box made of DuraSense with black and natural brown colours and visible fiber structure on the cover.

The box size was customised to fit Small Parcel mail, saving packaging materials and mailing costs.

The eardrops are stacked in the box, so it is smaller than usual and allows thus several boxes to be delivered in one A4 envelope.

“The new box looks so nice that you want to keep it or give it as a gift. It is an eco-statement and a selling point for us. It simply feels good to buy a product that is manufactured and packed in an eco-friendly way”, Lauri Nordberg concludes.



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Sustainable jewellery box made of biocomposite for Ilonakoru