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Irish Retailers Did Not Respect Plastic Pledge

Supermarkets that signed up to a voluntary waste reduction scheme miss packaging targets for 2019.

Some Irish supermarkets have failed to keep promises to stop using certain non-recyclable plastic packaging by the end of the year.

Repak, an industry-funded scheme for managing Ireland’s packaging waste, launched a “plastic pledge” in September 2018, in which members made voluntary commitments to reduce use of the material, particularly non-recyclable types.

In May, Repak said these pledges would cut plastic waste by 10,600 tons this year.

Environment minister Richard Bruton praised the initiative for “making a real difference in reducing packaging waste”.

However, a Sunday Times survey has found some promises were not kept.

Musgrave — parent firm of SuperValu, Centra and Mace — pledged that in 2019 it would work on simplifying packaging, leading to “the elimination of items such as composites, laminates and expanded… read more on the referred website hereunder….



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Chain stores falling short on pledges over plastic