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Biodegradable Branded Ribbon for Affordable Sustainable Packaging

Cream City Ribbon, artisan ribbon made in Milwaukee, WI, has introduced a smaller program for their personalized artisan ribbon in order to respond to the increase in need for affordable sustainable packaging.

“We see sustainable packaging from a different perspective, as do most of our customers” says Eric Crawford, the owner Cream City Ribbon®.

Branded retail packaging usually starts with a printed bags and boxes, where the cost to enter can be steep having to meet minimums and variations of sizes and seasonal demands

“It is our view that retailers find a full line of locally-provided sustainable bags and boxes, and then brand with ribbon,” Crawford says.

Branding with ribbon creates more packaging option for the retailer while responding to new regulations and customer demands.

And not loading the storeroom with the many boxes or bags that had to be purchased. 

Cream City Ribbon® is now offering 2,000 yards of ½” personalized ribbon for $315 total, including all design and plate fees, and 3,000 yards for a bit more at $375, a sweet spot.

Cream City Ribbon® is crafted with US grown cotton yarn, has a paper-like feel and is extraordinary when curled.

Made on machines from the 1920’s, the original techniques are sustained to make this “unwoven” fabric ribbon like none other on the planet and sustainability commitments include:

  • Chlorine, acid and lignin free water-based dyes.
  • Soy based, non-toxic ink.
  • Water-soluble non-toxic adhesives that are USDA approved for indirect food use.
  • Compliant with CA proposition 65.
  • Nearly paper-free operations.
  • Carbon Neutral Shipping with UPS.

Cream City Ribbon® is also strong enough to be reused to tie up garden plants, biodegrades 100% in the compost bin, or left for the birds to build colorful nests in the neighborhood.

Finally a ribbon that matches what you put into the box!


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Cream City Ribbon – 100% Biodegradable Branded Ribbon for Affordable Sustainable Packaging

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