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Shanghai Goes for Plastic-Free Food Delivery Packaging

The city of Shanghai will trial a requirement for food delivery services to use environmentally friendly food packaging, such as paper takeaway boxes and bags, or face penalties. Will China become the leader of the Plastic Revolution overnight?

This requirement will be implemented by Shanghai’s Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and they state that restaurants that fail to follow the eco-friendly delivery packaging rule will be penalised according to a point system. Penalties include cancelled subsidies, lowered rankings and suspension of service.

The food delivery orders in Shanghai create around 45,000 tons of non-biodegradable waste from packaging. The rule is expected to reduce waste by about 75 %.

It seems that China is joining the Plastic Revolution and this is a huge step forward. Further decisions will depend on the result of this trial. How will the customer react? Will this trial be beneficial for the environment? Will China cascade this trial nationwide? Will this trial end up in legislation? Will China become the greenest country overnight? Will China finally become a leader in the Plastic Revolution?


New standard requires online food delivery operators to use paper packaging


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