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Time has turned into a greenwashing platform (FREE)

Time has issued a 100 Climate leaders list; just check out how funny that is. This is a FREE article
  • Coldplay

Coldplay have been branded “useful idiots for greenwashing” after announcing a partnership with the Finnish oil company Neste to halve their touring emissions (Neste and Coldplay Accused of Cynical Greenwashing)

  • Matti Lehmus, CEO and President, Neste Corporation

Well, I guess Time considers Biofuel as a green solution. Good for them

  • Ezgi Barcenas, Chief Sustainability Officer, AB InBev

InBev is known in Belgium for trashing their unused merchandising items instead of giving it for free to the bars. Time magazine should talk to Belgian bar owners to understand the farce.

  • Bill Gates

Bill gates’ carbon footprint is as high as the entire carbon footprint of Nepal and Bhutan combined. When Bill Gates is not flying with his private jets, he’s using Epstein’s Lolita Express.

  • John Kerry

John Kerry is the biggest eco-hypocrite on the planet (John Kerry Caught Lying under Oath). John Kerry’s carbon footprint is as big as Bill Gates’ ego.

  • Rebecca Marmot, Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever

I don’t know on which planet Time magazine editors have been spending their vacation, but Unilever is one of the biggest polluter on the planet.

  • Kathleen McLaughlin, Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart

Walmart has become the joke of reusable bags Walmart becomes reusable plastic bag fool

  • Gim Huay Neo, Managing Director, Centre for Nature and Climate, World Economic Forum

WEF has attracted at least four dozens of conspiracies theories under its name, then one must think that there can’t be so much smoke without a fire.

  • Frans Timmermans, Former Executive Vice President, European Commission

Perfect example of caviar and champagne socialist and eco-hypocrite

  • Marina Silva, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Brazil

Brazil has been cutting down huge amounts of rainforests …. OK National sovereignty, they can do what they want, but to call them ‘eco’-leaders?

  • William Ruto, President, Republic of Kenya

What a farce. Kenya has become a plastic waste bin.

  • Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE; CEO, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; Chairman, Masdar

An oil company CEO on the list, how funny!

  • Dan Ammann, President of Low Carbon Solutions, ExxonMobil

Another oil guy on the list.

I think, Time should issue a 100 Human Rights leaders ranking too … and why not add Hitler and Stalin to the list ….

Hold on, they did that already …. Stalin even made it twice on the Time person of the year.

  • Time magazine, person of the year 1938: Hitler

  • Time magazine, person of the year 1939 and 1942: Stalin

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Time 100 climate leaders

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